Project ESR 15 : Design, characterization and manipulation of electronic spin interactions for efficient and stable organic solar cells
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MorseDr. Graham E. Morse (GEM) is a research and development manager at Merck Chemicals Ltd. developing materials for industrial organic solar panel manufacturing. He has a diverse background in chemical engineering, synthetic organic chemistry, applied chemistry, polymer synthesis, device physics and material science being trained at the University of Ottawa (B.A.Sc.), the University of Toronto (Ph.D.) and further as a Marie Curie postdoctoral Fellow in the ESTABLIS EU project. GEM has over 10 years of experience in the field of organic electronics and has demonstrated consistent innovation with nearly 30 publications and more than 10 world-wide patent applications. He collaborated with colleagues in the implementation of ‘Solar Trees’ – the first large‐scale demonstration of fully solution coated, semitransparent, flexible organic photovoltaic modules – at the Milan EXPO 2015 and received a corporate award for recognition his efforts. He is skilled in all aspects of organic photovoltaics including chemical synthesis, device fabrication, industrial scale-up and the intellectual property landscape.