Project ESR 7 : Singlet and triplet electronic excitations in polar molecules: Impact on charge separation at organic interfaces
  ESR 8 : Triplet migration and annihilation in organic conjugated materials
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BeljonneDavid Beljonne got his PhD in Chemistry with Professor Jean-Luc Brédas at the University of Mons-Hainaut in 1994. After post-doctoral stays at the Universities of Cambridge (with Professor Richard Friend) and Rochester (with Professor Shaul Mukamel), he became a research fellow of the Belgian National Science Foundation (FNRS) and is now FNRS Research Director. He is also a Visiting Principal Research Scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Co-author of about 350 scientific publications (more than 17000 citations; h index of 70), his research activities deal with the modelling using classical, quantum-chemical and phenomenological approaches of the interplay between the supramolecular organization and the opto-electronic properties of conjugated materials in the bulk phase and at interfaces. These studies aim at shedding light on the elementary electronic processes going on in organic electronic devices, such as solar cells, light-emitting diodes and field-effect transistors. More recently, he has also extended his theoretical activities to two-dimensional materials and oxides.