Project ESR 11 : Structure-processing-performance nexus of solution processed organic thin films
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Martinez FerreroEugenia Martínez-Ferrero: is a senior researcher at Eurecat where she leads the Photonic research line. She did her PhD at the University of Valencia (Spain) followed by postdoctoral stages in the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France), ICIQ (Spain) and Imperial College of London (UK). She has several years of experience on material’s chemistry, especially on nanocrystalline metal oxides and optoelectronic devices. In the last years she has been responsible of several national and international projects dealing with the synthesis and photophysical characterization of molecular optoelectronic devices. She has co-authored 52 peer-reviewed scientific publications, coordinated RTD projects during the last 5 years and trained 2 PhD student and several MS.